• Rakhmad Permana

    Rakhmad Permana

    Lelaki yang percaya bahwa tidur adalah nikmat surga yang lain.

  • Anggid Primastiti

    Anggid Primastiti

    interest to foods, cats, and social-millenials issues

  • Assya Putri

    Assya Putri

    ... questioning, thinking, reflecting. 🌷 growing

  • Alfin Febrian Basundoro

    Alfin Febrian Basundoro

    National defense, security, and geopolitical student-researcher, Department of IR, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

  • Eugene Porter

    Eugene Porter

    Boilermaker: Combustion Specialist, Woodworker, Freediver, “Save Shells to Build Middens, Beaches, Reefs and Shell Fish Habitat.”

  • Ray Lobo

    Ray Lobo

    Cuban American writer, philosopher, and film critic. I love foreign films, art films, and documentaries.

  • Thungale


  • Fanya Tarissa Anindita

    Fanya Tarissa Anindita

    IR’19. Randomly write anything that interests me or crosses my mind atm;

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